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I create video’s for some of my music….when I can find time.  I have a youtube channel under “Craig House Sound Design”.  Below is one of the most recent video’s.  Below the video is more credits/thank you’s and info.

I’d like to thank a lot of artists that have uploaded their material to allowing artists like myself to create video’s.

I esspecially want to thank the user @cottonbro.  His/her material is amazing.  I’m pretty sure this is Omy Cotton who can be found on IMDB.

Other artists who’s material I’ve used include.

  • Alena Darmel
  • C-Technical
  • Kindel Media
  • Mathias De Rivo
  • Mikhail Nilov
  • Pressmaster
  • Sam Lastres

And from

  • monateliervideo
  • Septimiu
  • ChristianBodhi
  • waiguobox
  • Vimeo-Free-Videos
  • Dieter_G

My video’s would be much less magical with out all this talent.

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