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I started playing piano a long time ago.  Then I bought a guitar (Gibson SG), Then I bought my first keyboard (Prophet 5 pictured above), Then I got more gear. Korg DW 8000, Roland D110 and U220, Yamaha MT2x 4-track and other bits n bobs.  These days I don’t use any of that and just need a midi keyboard and my computer.


I started out playing in bands both cover and original. Bands like:

Your basic 3-piece cover band.

“The Search”
Original pop rock with a bit of prog mixed in.

One of, I think, Vancouver’s first ska bands.  with punk overtones.  We recorded a 45 at Little Mountain Sound studio with Bob Rock as engineer.

Live Theatre

I played and wrote music and sound design for live theatre.  A lot of that was with First Impressions Theatre back in the day when they were doing a lot of musicals.  That was a lot of fun.  Also worked for North Vancouver Community Players,

Composed music for independent films and live dance performances.

The most recent project I worked on was Impermanent Flower by Salome Diaz.  A mix of orchestral / ambient and sound design.

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