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By day I am a mild mannered maker of audiobooks.  My sister and I started an audiobook company in 2010.  Post Hypnotic Press Inc. 

We have a rather varied catalogue of books both fiction and non-fiction.  Books like

When I’m not working on audiobooks.  I’m working on music.

I’ve been playing and composing music for over 40 years.  As well as creating sound design for theatre, film and live dance.

I’ve only recently started releasing my music on Spotify as well as other outlets under the name Craig House Sound Design. (Carl Craig was already taken)

I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to some of my creations.

Listen To:

Flower Dance (all 5 movements)

The longest track I’ve released.  Created for Impermanent Flower by Salome Nieto.  This was more than just a dance performance with video and animation by Natalia Renteria.  The music includes sound design for the show.

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